Matite in viaggio 2022 Venice

This year it’s 12th edition of Matite in viaggio 2022 Venice collective. As from tradition it is taking place at Candiani cultural centre.

Leggi in ItalianoВерсия на русском языке

From 20th October to 6th November
21th October at 4 pm official opening ceremony.
Thursday and Friday 4 – 8 pm
Saturday and sunday 10 am – 1pm and 4 – 8 pm
Free entry

What is “Matite in viaggio”?

Matite in viaggio means “travelling pencils” in Italian. The cultural association “Matite in viaggio” aims to promote the culture of journey and the art of recording its experience, by drawings and words.

Article 3 of the Association statute says “Visiting countries and places, meeting people and communities, understanding ancient and contemporary civilizations are the conditions under which “travel sketchbooks” can express the will and dream to identify with the freedom and dignity of all men”.

The project

The sketchbook on show this year has been created in autumn of 2021 in Moscow region (Russia). It is dedicated to birches in autumn transparent and warmed by the last fall sun.

Birch is one of the most common trees in Europe and north America . You will find it everywhere from USA to Italy and from Ukraine to Russia and Japan.

Work in progress from landscape sketches to the preparation of the sketchbook for shipping to Venice.

The show

Pictures from opening ceremony and from exhibition rooms of Matite in viaggio 2022.

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