Tuscany sketchbook 2021

It’s not my first time in Tuscany (Italy), that is why I decided to dedicate Tuscany sketchbook 2021 to the places and atmospheres of this region seen and sketched from the different point of view.

Leggi in ItalianoВерсия на русском языке

This summer we have chosen together the places to sketch…

Thanks to streaming we sketched toghether in real-time night and day …

We saw Florence, Piazza del Duomo and Ponte vecchio from the different point of view in the Cascine park near Arno river.

We also walked among the people of Florence visiting Cascina Market, on of the longest of the Europe.

They come from Vinci, like Leonardo. These mini handmade sketchbooks 3×3 cm purchased in Leonardo’s native town are waiting for the new trips to tell. Click here and suggest the destination!

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