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the 100 day project 2021

31st January 2021 the artists of all over the world explore the creativity during “the 100 day project 2021″.
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My project is to learn airbrushing. Let me explain you the why.
Blade runner 1982. Do you remember Pris and her make-up? The moment I saw the girl airbrushing the black eye shadows I understood how I want to feel making my art. That moment my passion for airbrushing was born.

Let’s start from the begining.

What is airbrush and why it is called this way? Aitrbrush is a small, air-operated tool that sprays various media, most often paint but also ink and dye, and foundation by a process of nebulization. Airbrushing is a way of painting using the airbrush.
Now it’s time to meet my airbrush and discover the basics.

My airbrush and me

My airbrush came for Christmas 2020.

It is a double action control gravity feed airbrush.

Gravity feed means that the airbrush has a paint cup at the top and the gravity pulls small amounts of paint into the mixing chamber where atomization occurs. Double action or dual independent control means that the trigger manages the paint volume and airflow. When the trigger is pushed down, the air passes through the airbrush. When you pull the trigger backward, paint begins to flow out. The more you pull the trigger the more paint is delivered. This allows users to control the amount of paint coming out of the airbrush and flow of paint can be adjusted even while painting.

Doing exercises.

These are the basic airbrushing moviments: dots, lines and curves.

These are the basic forms to learn how to airbrush the shadows and volums. The first and the most important is the sphere.

Now let’s spend a few words about cleaning. Airbrush neads to be cleaned very often: to change the colour, to add the colour and before you put it away.

The most long cleaning is one after you finished to use the airbrush. It needs you to diassemble and re-assemble it. Every detail is important. Is even a smallest part of the airbrush is out of place it will not work.

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