Christmas in art

Christmas 2020 is like no other. Let turn it in Christmas in art!
Discover here some art gift ideas 100% made in Italy just for you. Choose and get the items where you want or sent them directly to the receiver.
Portrait from photo is a design object that makes special any home or working space. Pet or people portrait, wedding or family portrait – any idea is welcome. Click here, choose the media, size and attach the photo. I will think about the rest!

For a vegan friendly Christmas choose and artwork from “Watercolour different” series painted with natural vegetal colours on certified paper. You can choose from the available paintings or commission yours. Click here and tell me your wish!

For hi-tech addicted a phone-case for a smartphone with manga, anime TV series and video game characters or portraits of singers and pop-stars will be a right choice. Click here and choose yours! Every phone case is manufactured in European Union by a specialised company.

And if it were an “ordinary” Christmas sweater? No problem! Choose here your art illustration and it will be made for you by a specialized European tailor.

Remember to add handmade greeting cards to your special gifts.

But… don’t forget about yourself. Choose anything you like from custom apparel and accessories to handmade phone cases, bags and more.

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If you have questions, commets or thoughts to share click here and write me. I will be happy to reply.
Happy Christmas in art from Yulia A Korneva!

Cristiano. Cristiano Ronaldo pop art collage portrait

Paratissima Art Fair 2020 (Torino, Italy)

Paratissima Art Fair 2020 (Torino, Italy) is back!

Leggi articolo in Italiano

A 4 stop journey long 2 months will take us to explore the contemporary art around Torino (Italy). From 23rd October to 1st November 2020 the first “stop” is coming up at l’ARTiglieria Contemporary Art Center in Torino (Italy) Piazzetta Accademia Militare 3. My artworks and me will be there to celebrate with you the creativity as a source of live and rebirthing.
Open hours:
Saturday 10 am – 8 pm (GMT+1)
Sunday 10 am – 8 pm (GMT+1)
To get your ticket click here.
Dress a capsulle collection of apparel and accessories here.
If you like an artwork on fair click here to purchase it.

The project
“Breaking the rules” is a project that destroys the way of making art. It’s a difficult and painful way to get out from the “confort zone” and to use the media, compositions and ideas never used before to keep on growing as artist and as a person.
The project started in 2015 with the first artwork made for a collective that invited the artists to use the media never used before. The Russian artist mixed up Roy Lichtenstein’s pop-art and Rene Magritte’s surrealism.
Every year the new artworks keep on “breaking the rules”.

Artworks of Paratissima Art fair 2020

For fashion addicted only. Are you ready to break the rules with me? Click here and wear a limited edition capsulle collection that merges the contemporary art, collage and sartorial made in Europe experience in t-shirts, sweaters, swimming suits and accessories .

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I will be happy to continue the series of the the portraits breaking the rules with your portrait from photo or life. If you are in click here and fill in the contact form!