natura viva pianezza italy

Art collective “LIVE NATURE” 


Art collective “LIVE NATURE” in Pianezza (Italy) will be open from 19 to 27 march in Villa Casalegno, Via al Borgo 2, Pianezza (Italy).
Opening party 19th March at 4 pm at Villa Casalegno, Via al Borgo 2, Pianezza (Italy).

Open hous: 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th March 10-12 am; 4-6 pm.

Версия на русском языкеLeggi in Italiano

You can see on this collective a new series of the landscapes and illustrations about Russian woods near Moscow made with mixed media drawing on the cardboard 15×10 cm. The Moscow fall sketchbook 2021 completes the series. The sketchbook is open invitin a visitor to scroll the immages made with ink on acrylic paint.

Work in progress on artworks to show on “LIVE NATURE” collective in villa Casalegno (Italy)

Artworks on show on art collective “LIVE NATURE” in Pianezza (Italy)

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