Art2Wear linen apparel collection

Summer smells of sun and freedom, even when, like this year, it struggles to arrive. The Art2Wear linen apparel collection is inspired by the mood of picnic, outdoor, rural landscapes and golden sunshine.

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As usual, I tried to keep the uniqueness of the natural fabrics used by tailoring them into simple, essential, and versatile forms.

I inherited this pure linen fabric from my grandmother. It was produced in the Soviet Union in Kostroma, the homeland of linen. The white trimming, made of 100% cotton, comes from a production carried out in the 90s in Russia.

Work in progress

Some work in progress photos of Art2Wear linen apparel collection from sketches to the shooting.

Meet all the styles

Mid-length linen skirt, quarter circle, finished with 100% cotton trimming. Ideal for the walks in the city, seaside, or a cocktail events.


Pure linen Bermuda shorts for leisure day in the city, a walk to the beach, or an aperitif.


100% linen wide pants with side zipper closure, perfect for working days in the city or cool evenings on vacation.


Linen jacket with pure cotton trimming collar, adjustable hem with drawstring and toggles, elastic gathered cuff and zip closure. Perfect for cool summer days and evenings in the city, on the seaside, or on a cruise.


100% cotton trimming handbag with drawstring closure. A fine and elegant accessory to add to a ceremony or cocktail outfit.


Credits: photos by Flavio Allia; model Caterina Allia.

Your turn!

Fill in the form and to commission your favourite styles to create summer outfits in natural fabrics. Rememeber to indicate the style code and your measurements. You can use the same form to commission for more styles.


If you have questions, comments or ideas to share click here and write me. I will be happy to reply.

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