Waterolor different fruit with fruit

The exhibition “Food in art” in Pianezza (Italy) brought back the Waterolor different fruit with fruit series.

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These are the first artworks of the project made for Zuegg Italy social networks in 2016. All the watercolors are painted with fruit juice.

More than food

The project was born from the research of natural colour pigments. Since ancient times people used plants and minerals to get colours for fabrics and art.

I started with fruit juice, the most obvious of natural colours. Than I tried coffee, soya sauce, wine and chocolate too. All of them were the excellent watercolors or pastels. The first show took place during Paratissima 2016 in Torino (Italy).

All the king’s men

Watercolor different project includes different artworks. Discover them all here

Deja vu

If you follow my events probably you have seen some of Watercolor different paintings on these shows:
Figure di donne (Pianezza, Italy 2023)
Inktober 2020
Matite in viaggio (Venice, Italy 2020)
Animal beauty (Pianezza, Italy, 2019)
Solo show in “Circolo degli artisti” art gallery (Torino, Italy 2017)
Paratissima art fair (Torino, Italy 2016)
Social accounts of Zuegg Italy (2016)

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